When will my set arrive?

 The next batch is arriving in early July and the final batch is arriving in early August (the first two weeks).

 If you are in the next batch, you would have received an earlier email from us about this date. If you receiving this email, your delivery is in the early August batch.

 We are sorry for the delay.

 What happens if I want to exchange for a different size?

There are two ways to organize an exchange:

Send the item back to our office and we will send the item once/ when we have existing stock

Drop by our office and switch for a different size. However, please check beforehand if we have your stock on hand. If not, we will send them over once the stock has arrived. 

Where is your office?

It is located at 163 Geylang Road, The Grandplus, #03-03, Singapore 389240. It is 5 minutes away from Kallang MRT.

 How can I track my order?

We will send an email once we are packing, and it will arrive within 10-12 working days, as we pre-fulfill it 2-3 days in advance to provide time. And will send it out and it takes up to 7 working days to be sent.

 For overseas parcels, we will send a tracking URL once the parcel is sent. It takes usually 2-3 weeks to arrive in Malaysia and Philippines, 2 weeks for Hong Kong and Australia.

What mail service are you using?

We are using Singpost normal mail for Singaporean customers. For overseas,  we use courier services with tracking services as we have lost a number of overseas mail with normal mail.

What if I didn't receive my parcel?

We are sorry about this. Once in a blue moon, we experience a customer losing their parcel and we will take note and re-send a new item when the new stock arrives. 

Can I have a refund instead?

Definitely. We are sorry for the delay.

If you paid via credit card, we will organize a refund through your card, where it will be debited directly within 10 working days once it is organized.

If you paid via paypal, we will need to send you a refund form and it will be organized within 14-20 working days after receiving your form.

Can I do a refund after receiving it?

We are afraid that it cannot be done because the transaction is already completed.

Why is it delayed for so long?

We are sorry for the delay. We underestimated the costs of executing this campaign and experienced a lack of funds in the middle of it. Hence we had to raise funds in the middle and it affected the timeline.

Now we are back on track and working towards fulfilling the remaining orders. Sorry about this. We also didn't update because we are not sure about the delivery schedules until recently, hence there has been a lack of updates. We are sorry about this inconvenience.

What will Gym Wear Movement learn from this giveaway situation?

It has been a humbling experience for us to experience challenges in all fronts. From August onwards, we are implementing these changes internally to ensure that our customers experience superb customer service:

We are transiting into ready stock from August onwards.

We are working to outsource shipment to a delivery company. Moving on, with new stock, deliveries will be fulfilled within 3 to 5 working days. We cannot outsource to them now as it is a giveaway and we have limited budget.

We are working towards optimizing customer service through these improvements. All parcels will be sent within 3 to 5 working days with a tracking link, hence it will be more streamlined. And exchanges can be easier and faster facilitated with ready stock.

Why do I see photos of influencers wearing Gym Wear Movement?

We organized with these influencers in the early stages of the launch, hence we sent them the active wear over time, hence they shared their photos on their Instagram over time. Often, the influencers are taking new photos with their existing active wear sets or we are re-hashing their old photos.

How come Gym Wear Movement re-opened the e-commerce store again?

We have closed the e-commerce from March until June to focus on the production challenges and fulfillment. As we have ordered the last batch, we ordered additional stock in small batches, together with the stock that is arriving in August. We want to allow people who are on the waiting list or requested to purchase our upcoming items to reserve them beforehand so that they can receive them in August.