Are Sports Bras Good For Plus-Sized Women? – Gymwearmovement

Are Sports Bras Good For Plus-Sized Women?

Are Sports Bras Good For Plus-Sized Women?

Are Sports Bras Good For Plus-Sized Ladies? | Gym Wear Movement

A look at the benefits of sports bras for plus-sized women, including how they can improve comfort and support.

Benefits Of Sports Bras

Have you ever walked into a lingerie store while shopping and saw a cute lace bra that look like it only covers the bare necessities? Or maybe you found a bra that looked like it would provide ample support for your boobs but the collection was only catered for petite girls? We've been there!

Say goodbye to wearing the same old t shirt bra that only comes in nude or black. Who said plus size bras only coming in boring colours and styles? This is a sign for you to explore your options in sports bras!

There’s no question that sports bras are important for all women, regardless of their size or body shape. But when you’re plus-sized, sports bras can be even more beneficial.

Sports Bras For Plus Sizes

Here are some of the top reasons why sports bras are good for plus-sized ladies and may even be one of the best bras ever:

1) They provide better support.

A sports bra is designed to provide more support than a regular bra. This is especially important for plus-sized women and curvy women, who need more support to keep their breasts in place. A sports bra will help keep everything in place and prevent bounce even for fuller busts, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

A range of features such as adjustable straps, wider straps, and compression fabric help to provide a more secure and supportive fit, whether you are working out or simply going about your day. Attached bra cups also flush the bra against your body for the best fit and gives your boobs a lift without the help of an uncomfortable underwire. On that note, that brings us to our next point on soft and comfortable bras.

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2) They improve comfort.

Not only do sports bras provide better support, but they’re also more comfortable than regular bras (that may not provide enough support!). This is because they’re made from soft, stretchy, breathable materials that contour to your body and feel like second skin when worn. This means that sports bras can cater to larger busts as well! The sweat-wicking properties also wick away moisture and keep your skin cool and dry, while details such as mesh and open back styles increase breathability for extra comfort.

Sports bras do not have an underwire like regular bras, and features such as molded cups or adjustable straps or band size allow customization for the best fit for you. Here's to discovering bras with straps that actually stay on your shoulders! There are also full coverage options for women who prefer slightly more coverage and want to wear it as a cami.

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3) They help prevent breast pain.

As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits is that sports bras help prevent breast pain. For those with a bigger bust, you may be more prone to breast pain as your boobs move around a lot more. This is especially so when you are working out, and can cause pain and discomfort in the breasts. To minimize this, shop for the right plus size bra that caters to fuller busts and provides ample support.

4) They make it easier to work out.

When you’re wearing a sports bra, it’s much easier to work out. The snug and secure bra fits of different bras provide optimal support for varying intensity levels of your chosen activity. This also helps to keep your sisters close and eliminate bounce so that you can work out with ease. With a bra that moves with your body and supports your full range of movement, it makes it easier to focus on your workout and get the most out of it. Not to mention, you get to work out in style.

The sweat-wicking fabric and details such as mesh panels will also help to keep you cool and let you thrive in your workouts. When shopping for a bra, it is important to choose styles that are catered to your activity level.

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5) They help keep your breasts healthy.

Working out is great for your health, but it can be bad for your breasts if you’re not wearing the right bra. When you’re working out, your boobs move up and down, left and right, and in all different directions. This can cause the ligaments in your boobs to stretch out, which can lead to sagging. A sports bra will help keep your boobs in place with the added lift and shape, and prevent them from moving around too much, hence it is extremely important to wear a bra with sufficient support.

6) They are so much cuter than regular bras.

Sports bras come in such a wide collection of styles and colours, it's an endless range of options! The stylish bras make such good fashion pieces that many women often wear them as a top on their own and not just as intimates. Forget about strapless bras that constantly slip down under your cute top. What about wearing a sports bra as a stylish top and enjoying the added convenience of not having to find the right bra for it? Not to mention, its wire-free for all-day comfort!

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7) So much more coverage!

Small lace bras that only cover the bare necessities are not going to cut it. Not only do they not provide enough support, those fancy lingerie barely cover anything! Well, sports bras are here to change that. Not only do they look good, they will also make you feel good. Who said you have to show skin to be sexy?

A longline bra is designed to tuck in the right places and enhance your curves and shape your body. It also provides additional coverage as compared to other bras, making it the bra that is a perfect blend of fashion and function. It works just as well as a stylish top! Style your pieces as part of an outfit to enjoy easy transition from leisure to workouts.

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Finding The Right Plus Size Bras!

Overall, sports bras are a great option for plus-sized women. They lift your boobs, provide better support, comfort, and health, making them a must-have bra for any woman, curves and all. They are also make a great 3-in-1 option as a bra, cami and shapewear. For the best plus size bras, look out for options that offer a full coverage, customizable band size for the perfect fit and can work as both a t shirt bra and a fashion piece on its own! Just remember, comfort is key hence you should experiment to find the right size and style for you.

So if you’re looking for a plus size bra for curvy women, be sure to check out the exclusive deals and style inspiration at We have a collection of the best bras and bra tops in a range of styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits you perfectly. Read on for a glimpse at our best sellers for plus sized ladies!

Best Bras For Plus-Sized Ladies

Opulent Sports Bra With Clasps

The Opulent Sports bra offers full coverage with its high neckline and longline style. Put it on and take it off easily with the back clasp. Its open back design and sweat-wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry even through high-intensity workouts. The racerback design and wide bandwidth and straps provide optimal support by distributing weight evenly and also eliminates bounce.

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Arise Sports Bra With Clasps

Our Arise Sports Bra With Clasps is a wardrobe essential, with its classic scoop neckline and pretty cross strap details at the back. This supportive bra is crafted from buttery soft, sweat-wicking fabric that will keep you dry even after you sweat it out. The clasps make taking off and putting on the bra effortless and fuss-free.

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Mesh Sports Bra

A classic front design enhanced with a sexy mesh back design. It holds securely throughout intense workouts, while lifting for a sexy shape. comes in trendy colours that will make your outfit pop! Perfect as a daily sports bra that doubles up as a bra for working out, never stress over planning your outfit again. It is a perfect bra for yoga sessions and other medium impact workouts.

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Look Good And Feel Good

We hope this guide has helped you to understand the importance and benefits of sports bras. Explore different bra options to find your go to bra and style. With a whole range of options, you'll definitely be able to find a perfect fit that is both supportive and stylish! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Discover Gymwear Movement's extensive collection and range of athleisure that includes plus size bras and bra tops!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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