• Fun Outdoor Activities With Your Dog

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    It can be tempting to fall back into the routine of pajamas-all-day as we re-enter the Work From Home routine. While it can be liberating to do so, changing out of pajamas can help you maintain a sense of normalcy, and boost your productivity as well. 
  • How to protect your skin during swimming?

    Swimming is a great sport to relax and have fun. Contrary to popular belief that you will not get sunburned when in the water, due to its reflective nature, which causes damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays to be reflected onto your skin, you can and the water will magnify the damage.
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    Work from home arrangements, made popular during the pandemic, has many working men and women switching their offices to their homes. The arrangement has become so efficient that pandemic or not, these new ways of working are sure to stay. This emphasizes the importance of having a functional yet comfortable (and as calming as possible!) working space at home to ensure maximum productivity.