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Dressing Right For A Heat Wave

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A workout that feels fine on a temperate day can be overly intense on a hot afternoon. Your body may struggle to regulate its temperature, making it difficult to exercise. Here's how you can dress to avoid discomfort in extreme summer heat.

Choose cooling fabric

The material you choose to wear can affect how you feel during and after exercising. How quickly it can wick sweat away can make all the difference in your comfort level.

Steer clear of cotton, which tends to absorb moisture, preventing perspiration from evaporating fast enough. Your body cools itself by sweating and materials with rapid heat diffusion such as nylon, spandex and micro-modal are the best options for workout, as it draws heat away from your body.

Choose lighter colours

When exercising in hot weather, the colour of your clothes can create a big difference too. Light-colored fabrics can reflect sunlight, while dark-coloured ones will absorb heat and make you feel hotter.

Cooling Summer colours such as yellow, blue and green can also have a psychological effect in providing comfort when exercising.

High-Waist Champion Bicycle Shorts

    Choose cooling designs

      Tops with a wide armhole cut can provide better air ventilation, while offering easy, unrestricted movement. Enjoy additional breathability in tops with mesh panels or open backs, keeping your body extra cool and dry. A bonus if it has a supportive built-in bra for extra convenience

      For those who like the second skin-like feel of leggings but would rather keep their legs uncovered for the summer, opt for bicycle shorts. It provides the same supportive fit and stays in place through intensive workouts.

      Choose the right fit

        The best summer workout gear can help you feel comfortable working out on a hot day, but getting the right fit is equally important. Avoid sizing down on tight-fitting clothes such as bicycle shorts and bra tops, as this can slow your blood circulation, and the rate at which your body cools down.

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        Lastly, pay attention to your body and respect your limits. It’s a good idea to tone down the intensity of workouts during hot weather and to keep yourself hydrated. The right workout clothing can reduce your chances of overheating and make your workouts more enjoyable.

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