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Cooling Work From Home Tops

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The Guide To Selecting The Right Top For Hot Weather

Working from home can be an uncomfortable experience especially in Singapore and Malaysia with the high humidity. Discover the guide to selecting the most suitable top that will increase your comfort level.

Choose The Right Fabric

The most common fabric for tops is cotton, however it heats up the body and holds the sweat. Instead choose cooling fabric that wicks sweat off, while having a nearly naked feel on the skin. Move easily with the cooling fabric that floats on your skin.

Discover our pieces made from cooling GWM fabric:

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Lounge Top

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Admire Bra Top

Cooling Features

Increase comfort with unique features that facilitates air flow. Choose unique and sexy features that show off your cute bra designs too.

Discover our stunning GWM pieces:

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Productive Top

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Spellbound Top

Choose The Right Features

Wearing a bra at home during a hot day can be extremely uncomfortable. Non-breathable fabric made worse with wires coupled with sweat is extremely distracting. Overcome these by wearing tops with built-in bras. Crafted inside the top, the support is great even for high intensity workouts. This convenient two in one top wicks the sweat away and keeps your 'sisters' dry all day.

Discover these bra tops as part of your wardrobe:

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Warrior Bra Top

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Shine Bra Top

Get Comfortable With The Right Tops

Ready to feel more inspired working from home? Invest in comfortable and chic work from home clothes. View the collection now.