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What is your vision?

We are on a mission to create luxury gym wear apparels affordably. As such we adopt a pre-order model and mainly sell our apparels online to keep the costs low. Hence, through eliminating the middle men and high rental costs, we can produce high quality apparels at a pocket-friendly price. Through this, we have a dream to make every lady feel inspired and become her best.


Which countries are applicable?

We deliver to all Asian countries. We also serve Australia. We do ship to Europe and US, however the rates are high.

Product Q's

Who manufactures your products?

We work with an established manufacturer who has over 10 years of experience manufacturing for leading global brands. Together, we co-design with them, based on their extensive experience in design and textile. We also impose strict quality inspection process to ensure that each apparel is perfect before mailing them to you.

Who tested your apparels?

We work with fitness influencers who specialise in all types of exercise. From yogis to boxers, our apparels have been put to the test and received positive feedback. So fret not, our apparels are ready for the market. We also work with the market to listen to their feedback and will constantly improve our products over time. There is always room for improvement, in our eyes.

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Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

If the apparel does not fit you well, we do exchanges up to 30 days after the shipment. All you have to do is cover the postage cost to send the item back to us and we'll take care of everything else. If you do not like the design, simply mail it back to us and we will refund in full.

Manufacturing & Sustainability

Other Stuff

Do you have a physical shop?

We sell our products mainly online and provide easy exchange policies if the sizes do not match. We also provide full refund if you do not like the item. Hence, it is very convenient and easy.

Who should I contact if there is something wrong with my order?

Do write to us at admin@gymwearmovement.com if there is any issue with your order!