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Dressing Tips For Modest Wear

Dressing Tips For Modest Wear

Dressing Tips For Modest Wear

What is the best way to wear modest active wear? It should glam you up in a stylish look, but most importantly, keep you comfortable during your workout. There’s a whole variety of different styles you can rock while indulging in a workout, including for those who prefer to dress modest. Here are some simple tips and tricks you can follow to look fashionably chic with modest active wear.


      Layering transforms a simple outfit into a trendy & fashionable look. Rock a cute t-shirt with a breathable long-sleeve top underneath, or pair your favorite tank top with a lightweight jacket to stay stylish and modest.

      Keep It Trendy

      Dressing modest requires you to put on more fabric, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable if not using the right materials. Breathable & sweat-wicking fabric is going to be your best friend, with advanced technology that draws moisture away from the body and keeps you sweat-free and cool.



      Making the most out of your day is essential, which is why we recommend using modest active wear that is versatile enough for the gym and for leisure activities. It’s fuss-free, and a simple way to look chic on the go.

      Keep It Trendy

      Colors sets the tone to your look, and the possibilities for color mix and matching are endless. Choose your colors depending on your mood and the style you’re going for; a monochromatic look can give you a sleek finish, and a mix of bright colors makes the look fresh.

      Play With Colors

      Apparel details and patterns jazz up your outfit. Select clothes with interesting details to transform a regular outfit into a unique look.


      Gym Wear Movement

      Gym Wear Movement provides an extensive range of modest active wear. Each piece is specially curated with technologically advanced fabrics to give ultimate comfort on hot and sunny days, whilst looking stylish for an everyday look.