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How To Optimize Your Work From Home Space

How To Optimize Your Work From Home Space

Designate A Spot

Establishing your working spot at home can be the most fundamentally important step to productivity. Although you are working from home, it’s crucial to separate your home and work space. Working from your bed or from your couch can be super comfortable, but is not productive in the long run. Your mind has the tendency to play tricks on you, and you might end up falling asleep during your work, or have insomnia tendencies at night.

This is why it’s important to have your designated work spot, no matter how big or small your house is. A simple desk and comfortable chair, away from the disturbances, is just what you need. 

Choose The Right Lighting

Working long hours in front of your computer can often create eyestrain. The solution to this problem is to set up proper lighting. It’s always good to choose a spot near a window to allow natural lighting to come in—plus, you get your daily dose of vitamin D! If you don’t have a sport near the window, invest in good quality table lamps or floor lamps. Different positioning of the lamp can also affect your eyesight, so try a few and see which works for you.

    Prioritize Comfort

      Feeling comfortable while working can keep you motivated and productive throughout your work day. Choose the right chair that gives ample amount of back support and cushioning. Avoid using dining chairs or deck chairs, as they are usually not the right height for working and hurts your posture.

      Consider getting a chair with an adjustable height, that can roll, and has adjustable seat pan tilt. If you’re working from home on a daily basis, it’s probably worth to invest in a professional office chair!

      Decorate For Joy

        Make your work from home space as pleasing to you as possible. Although you’re there to work, you want to be in the greatest mood and mindset to motivate you through the day. Add some vibrance and life to your area with plants, as they have therapeutic benefits and can aid for calming. Invest in good-smelling candles to brighten up the mood and create a comforting vibe.

        Dress For Comfort

        When you’re sitting down and working all day, especially at home, you don’t want to be in uncomfortable or tacky outfits as it can distract you from being productive. The key to working from home outfits is elevated loungewear. The best way to fulfill this is by using active wear. Buttery-soft fabrics, breathable materials, yet stylish pieces to keep you looking chic.

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