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How To Reverse Post-Holiday Feast Gains?

How To Reverse Post-Holiday Feast Gains?

Get The Right Mindset

Achieving anything you want begins with the right mindset. Shedding that excess weight can be tedious and requires discipline and motivation, so you want to jot down realistic and attainable goals.

A fun tip to motivate yourself is to dress up in stylish active wear. When you wear something that’s comfortable, chic, and complements your body, you’re bound to boost your confidence and get inspired. 

Increase Hydration

The solution is water, water, water. Sounds so simple and yet it is the essence of the human body itself, it’s the fuel that keeps it going. It’s important to drink at the minimum 1.5 liters (or 8 glasses of water) each day to ensure proper functioning of the body. Water helps to flush out toxins and excess sodium which may lead to bloating, as well as keeping your hunger at bay.

If that’s not convincing enough, a study has found that drinking 500 milliliters of water increase your metabolic rate by 30%, leading to healthy weight loss. If you want to make it interesting, add slices of fruit in your water for extra flavor.

    Keep Moving

      Did you know that the average person sits down for around 8-10 hours a day? This kind of lifestyle undoubtedly leads to not only weight gain, but overall bad health—especially after such a feast. Take a moment each day to remember to get up and move your body, no matter how busy you are. Get up a couple bus stops earlier and walk to your office, or have a walk around the block during your lunch breaks. A little goes a long way, and your body is sure to appreciate it.

      Load Up Fruits, Vegetables & Protein

        Getting your adequate nutrition and vitamin intake is so crucial. In fact, deficiency of certain minerals can lead you to craving sweets or savory foods even more. Craving sweets might indicate that your body is low on magnesium, and craving savory food might mean you’re dehydrated.

        Vegetables and fruits are wonderful sources of these vitamins and minerals to keep your nutrition on top of its game. Vegetables are also natural appetite suppressants, which keeps your hunger and cravings at bay. It’s important to have them at every meal, as their high fiber components can keep you full while maintaining a low calorie.

        Strength Exercises

        A lot of people, and women in particular, try to steer away from strength training when trying to lose weight. Many women believe it may lead to their bodies bulking, which is just a myth. On the contraire, weight training can be extremely beneficial for weight loss compared to strictly aerobic or cardio exercises. These exercises create more muscle mass which helps to better manage your weight and improve endurance.

        There’s no need to feel guilty about celebrating the festive season. Especially during this current climate, we should allow ourselves to celebrate festivity whenever possible. As long as you eat mindfully and take repercussions after the feasts, you can enjoy whilst staying fit and healthy.

        Gym Wear Movement celebrates this joyful season with you and hopes to inspire women everywhere with stylish and versatile active wear to inspire you to get fit with.

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