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Picture Perfect Techniques

Picture Perfect Techniques

How To Look Picture Perfect

Getting healthy is a journey that everyone should embark on. Documenting your workout activities through pictures can be a fun way to share your fitness journey with others and inspire many along the way. With a simple twitch in lighting, poses, and angles, you can snap pictures showcasing your best self and share the fitness empowerment.

    Lighting Is Key

      Natural lighting provides an organic and vibrant feel to the picture, and often transcends to a happy vibe. On the other hand, indoor lighting creates more artificial looks. By utilizing the different lightings coming out of corners and angles, you can create shots that are artistic and unique.  This technique is best used to show off your hard-earned physique, by creating shadows to compliment your healthy-looking figure.

      If you’re into taking selfies, natural lighting is your best shot. To get a more ethereal look to your face, snap those selfies during the infamous golden hour, just an hour before sunset. The golden tones of the setting sun will add a glowy look to your skin. Perfect for that angelic look.

      All About The Angles

      It’s no secret that angles create a major difference in your pictures—just a slight twitch to them can even alter a person’s appearance.

      Everyone has their best angles, but the golden red-carpet rule is to turn your body 45 degrees to the side, turn your shoulders towards the camera and place one foot in front of the other. This automatically slims the waist, elongate your legs and makes you look taller.

      Cameras tend to flatten your facial structures, so to counter that, you’ll need a simple trick that celebrities swear by. Simply push your shoulders back, thrust out your neck and tuck your chin down. It might sound and feel silly, but it does the trick!

      Simple adjustments like the camera positioning can also create a major difference in your appearance on photo. Try a picture from a higher angle to create a slimmer look, and a lower angle to accentuate your legs and give you long legs for days.

      Dress Up

      Active wear has become as important as daily wear nowadays, and the outfit you’re wearing can make or break your look. Choosing the right outfit will accentuate your best self! The most important tip is to wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, which translates to you looking and feeling confident.

       When it comes to active wear, having clothes that tuck you in and hug your curves in all the right places make the biggest difference. Moreover, different colors can enhance different skin tones, hair, or even eye colors, so choose colors that flatter you.

       Taking a quick look at the color wheel will help you determine which colors contrast and complement each other. This is a simple tool to help you figure out the best color combinations, be it for your outfit combo, or how it will look against the background.

      Use An Eye-Catching Background

      A big part of aesthetically-pleasing pictures are the backgrounds. Outdoor photos tend to have more interesting and unique backgrounds. There’s a reason why people especially love taking pictures during trekking. The beautiful nature background adds vibrancy to any picture.

      A Striking Caption

      Captions not only provides a story to your picture, but also invites the audience to be a part of the story. Words can move people, so spend time in crafting the caption carefully. Fitness pictures are usually meant to motivate others, so try a motivating quote or a personal story to inspire others.

      Gym Wear Movement

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