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The Trekking Style Guide

The Trekking Style Guide

The Trekking Style Guide

The long-awaited Phase 2 is finally here, and sunny days are back upon us. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than with an outdoor workout? Trekking is a popular form of exercise that you can do whilst basking in our island’s beautiful scenery. Although it is a great activity to do in the sunny weather, the intense heat it comes with may become unbearable and can possibly turn your trekking experience into an unpleasant one.

However, there’s the old saying, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. With that in mind, how can we dress appropriately for trekking in a sunny weather while keeping ourselves in style?


Opt for loose and breathable clothing

One of the most efficient way to beat the heat is to wear loose and breathable clothing, as it allows air to easily go through and keep your body temperature chilled. Look for clothes that are made with nylon or polyester, a great material choice for the hot weather. 

Gravitate to lighter colors

It’s a known fact that light colors reflect sun rays, while darker colors tend to absorb heat. Try to gravitate towards lighter colors such as white, yellow, or pastels. This will not only keep your body feeling cooler, but is also a trendy choice for the sunny weather.

Invest in sweat-wicking clothing

Sweat-wicking clothing are fashionably advanced materials designed to quickly draw moisture away from the body. The material will keep you sweat-free, dry and odor-free, so you can focus more on enjoying the trekking.

Cover up for protection

Covering up with more fabric may sound counter-productive in hot weather, but it actually works brilliantly for heat-protection. Exposing less of your skin under the harmful UV rays is a crucial step, as to avoid a bad sunburn and skin irritation. Simply choose a piece that provides coverage but with a lightweight material that is designed for warm weather.

Chic pieces that transit easily into leisure

Last but not least, choose outfits that are comfortable enough for trekking, but stylish enough to wear to your post-trekking brunch with friends. There’s nothing like versatile outfits for the stylish girl on the go.

Once you’ve followed all these tips, you’ll be ready to go and enjoy trekking comfortably and safely. 

GWM Is Designed For WFH, Leisure & Workouts

Gym Wear Movement provides chic & trendy pieces that are specifically designed to resist hot & humid weather, making it the perfect choice for trekking in our sunny island’s climate. The best part? It’s designed to give ultimate support for workouts, and being transformable into leisure outfits for an everyday look for your post-workout hangout.