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Best Work From Home Clothes To Wear On Hot Days

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As Asia is going through a heat wave, it can be extremely uncomfortable working from home. To help, here are some tips to help you select the best pieces to excel at work.

Choose Cooling sweat-wicking fabric 

As we experience an unbearably humid heat wave, choosing the right fabric for what we wear is more important than ever.

Most, if not all of us usually wear cotton tees at home, yes, it absorbs the sweat however it takes a long time to evaporate. In addition, cotton actually traps warm air.

Wear clothes that are constructed from nylon and spandex as the fabric cools the body, while keeping your skin dry. Even if you sweat profusely, you will always feel cool and non-sticky.

Posh II Bra Top

Choose designs that bring you comfort

Everyone has different preferences on what makes them comfortable. Some may enjoy wearing snug tops, which provides a barely-there fit, while others prefer to opt for a loose fitting top especially during hot weather. A presentable top with cooling shorts in mood-lifting colours is the perfect low-effort WFH outfit for you.

When choosing "naked feeling" outfits, the best option would be longline sports bra tops that look like a top. It is highly supportive yet cooling.

For those who prefer a looser ensemble, throw over a professional looking top that is made of nylon and spandex. Sometimes, they have an unique design element that makes it more cooling to be worn. E.g. a tie back feature or a back feature that allows the air to travel easily.

Ideally, they should be trendy enough to be worn for outdoor activities or even for leisure catch ups in the future.


      Even though we are working from home, it is important to keep ourselves busy with basic workouts and daily errands. Choose clothes that are versatile and ready for most activities so that it is easy to swap around.

      Tops with built-in bras are perfect for a seamless transition to after-work exercises at home. Not only is it amazingly convenient as you only need one piece of top and shorts, then you’re good to go, it can also boost your success rate of staying active regularly!

      You can further style the outfit with casual tops for meetings and errands, while matching with summer sandals or sneakers, when you leave the house.
      A flattering outfit will help you feel good and motivate yourself to move even on hot days.

      Activewear Singapore

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