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What Jewelry Should I Wear During Workouts?

What Jewelry Should I Wear During Workouts?

What Jewelry Should I Wear During Workouts?

Wearing jewelry while exercising may seem contradictory, but delicate jewelries paired with light workouts can actually complement each other. When dressing up to exercise, it’s no doubt that not only do we want to feel good, but look good as well. Delicate jewelries are a great way to spice up your outfit and add a dash of glam whilst still not allowing a great performance during your workouts.


One of the keys to wearing jewelry during workouts is to choose the right materials. Workouts tend to leave us sweaty, so it’s crucial to ensure your jewelry of choice is sweat-proof, hypoallergenic and non-irritant. A good set of materials for these include stainless steel sterling and copper. These materials help to avoid rusting, turning skin green, or irritate the skin. 

    Light & Dainty

      When accessorizing with jewelries for workouts, swap out the chunky and extravagant pieces for more delicate, and dainty jewelries. Avoid complex designs with rhinestones or rocks that may dig into your skin or even chip, and stick to the simple designs that add elegance without hindering performance.


      Small things go a long way when it comes to jewelry and exercising. To ensure safety and a non-hazardous workout while keeping glam, choose jewelry pieces that don’t dangle and instead, stick to the skin. A stud earring will be your best friend compared to hoops that dangle down your earlobe. Leave the pendants in the locker and choose a chain necklace or a choker not longer than 35cm. Opting for these pieces will ensure your jewelries don’t come as a disturbance to your workout by getting caught on hair or even equipment.

      Layering Is Key

      Delicate and dainty pieces may seem minimalistic on its own, so the key to making them pop up and glow is with layering. Choosing delicate pieces to layer over each other will give an avant garde look while still allowing for free movement of the body.

      With these tips, you can feel like a fancy queen even as you exercise like a champion. It’s a great way to transit from the gym to hitting town whilst looking fabulously chic. Excited to try out some jewelry for your next workout?

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