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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your vision?

We want to empower ladies to look and feel their best with stunning athleisure, designed for the home, workouts, leisure and even work. We work towards providing an extensive range, serving all sizes and shapes.

Who manufactures your products?

We work with an established manufacturer who has over 10 years of experience manufacturing for leading global brands. Together, we co-design with them, based on their extensive experience in design and textile.

Can I exchange if the size doesn't fit?

Yes, we provide the ability to exchange 1 time within 30 days of receiving the item.

The process is to mail the item back to us, where the registered mail is covered by you. And we will mail back the preferred size.

For overseas customers, you can send the items back (where the registered mail is covered by you) and we will send the correct size over, if the order is above $100. If it is below, then you have to cover to and fro courier charges.

Items purchased during Sale cannot be exchanged too.

What if I want to pay over instalments?

Sure, it is possible. You can use Grab Pay, which breaks your final amount into 4 months payment.

Will you re-stock when an item is sold out?

We are transiting into a new collection and will not be re-stocking the items. If you are a fan of any of the designs, it is time to seize the opportunity.

When will I receive my items.

We adopt a hybrid model to our inventory. If we have in the inventory, we will send it out in 3 days. If its pre-order, it will take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive because we need to include shopping and packing processes.

How will it be delivered?

For local deliveries, it will be sent via local couriers. For overseas deliveries, it will be sent via Air Pak or Armax.

How do i qualify to redeem a complimentary item?

Hop over to the gift app (bottom right side) to discover the various price tiers to redeem complimentary items. The bigger the cart, the more complimentary items can be redeemed.

How do I redeem a complimentary item?

Once your cart hits the target, select any items in the gift app and they will be carted out together.

Do you deliver overseas?

Yes, we do deliver overseas. The courier charges will vary accordingly to your locations. We currently deliver to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brunei and USA.

How can I redeem a discount code?

You simply input into the discount box. This box appears just before you input your credit card details, look out for a box with the words - Gift Card or Discount code. Input the discount code and the discount will be applied. In the situation, if you are redeeming a gift, input the discount code at the bottom of the gift app and it will work.

Why are most of the items pre-order?

We are a small company and we wanted to provide an extensive range of products for our customers because they are diverse and have different preferences. Therefore, we decide to provide a wider range of products, however make them pre-order to provide that variety. Saying that, we are transiting our bestsellers into ready stock to reduce the lead time too. This will happen by October.

Can I pay via paynow?

Definitely! Yes, buzz us with the live chat. We will provide the paynow details and once it is paid, we will send you the invoice for your tracking. Thank you.

I am new to buying online. How does this work?

Thank you for your interest and trust. We understand many ladies are moving to online for buying their items. It is pretty straightforward, simply add the items into the cart and check out with a credit / debit card. If you are unsure, buzz us and you can pay us through paynow. Then, we will process a invoice for you once the payment is received. Thank you.

Can I refund a gift item? A product that I redeem as a gift?

We are sorry that gifts cannot be refunded because it is not part of your original order. Thank you for your understanding.

What if I want to refund a product and my order becomes less than the amount to redeem for the gifts?

In the situation, if you decide to refund an item in your order (e.g. of $140), then the complimentary gift would be void. You would need to return the refunded item and the gift back to us.

Can I drop my returned item at your place and pick another item?

We have moved our items to a warehouse and there is no stock at the return address now.

How can I get free shipping?

The shipping for Singapore is free above $50. For Malaysia, it is above $80. For HK and Brunei, shipping is free above $110. For US, shipping is free above $150.

I bought during a Sale. Can I exchange it?

Thank you for your support. Items bought during a Sale cannot be exchanged because of the sheer volume. Thank you for your understanding.

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