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Dressing Up Activewear

Dressing Up Activewear

Dressing Up Activewear

There’s a reason why activewear has become a huge trend nowadays. Wearing workout gear solely for workouts is a thing of the past, and is now considered trendy. Here are steps to jazz up your activewear.

Begin With Chic Activewear

It all begins with wearing the right activewear. There’s so much variety of different activewear styles on the market, some of them looking more sporty and others with more leisure appearance. Select more chic and casual looking designs as it would be easier to dress them up.

    Mix With Different Looks

      To add some jazz to your outfit, it’s time to get creative and mix it up. The key to looking dressed up with activewear is to mix and match activewear materials alongside leisurewear materials. Try pairing your activewear with a denim, leather, or even knit jacket/cardigan. It loosens the strict look of activewear, and leaves you with a fabulous look.

      Accessorize To Stand Out

      Even if you are working out, there’s nothing like accessorizing with jewelry to doll up a look. It’s all about the delicate details, and a hint of gold or silver here and there never fails to add glamour to a look. Choose jewelry pieces that are sweat-proof, and you can even keep them on throughout your workouts.

      Layer Up

      A regular tank top and leggings are great for workouts, but adding layers and elements creates power combinations for an everyday look. Instead of just wearing a regular tank top, pick out a sports bra with unique strap details and show them off underneath a sheer or backless tank top. You can also tie a jacket around your waist or shoulders for an off-duty look, or layer them on if it gets chilly.

      Swap The Footwear

      Sneakers and activewear come hand in hand, which can sometimes make your look mundane. Play around with different shoes, and you can swap the sneakers with a chic pair of sandals for casual looks or even boots to dress it up a bit more. It adds just that touch of style, and gives your activewear a different vibe.

      And just like that, you can easily rock the activewear trend. Whether it’s to the gym, to hang out with friends and family, or even to go to work, you’ve now got yourself a look that not only dazzles, but serves performance purpose too.

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