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How to dress comfortably for cycling

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Since the borders have closed, many people have been exploring cycling as a new hobby. If you are one of them, here is a guide on how to dress right for your next cycling adventure.

Be Prepared For The Elements

In Asia, the weather can be unpredictable, with intense heat one minute and a thunderstorm the next. Wear attire that always keeps you cool and refreshed, so that you can focus on cycling without feeling discomfort. Select tops based on these factors:

Made of sweat-wicking fabric. Cycling can be a high intensity sport, hence select lightweight tops which wicks the sweat off. Conventional fabric like cotton holds the sweat in and is not ideal for cycling. The right cycling jersey prevents overheating, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

It can be easily layered on or off, dependent on weather. Cycling jerseys increase convenience to get cooler or cover up more with a zip. If the weather is suffocating hot, you can easily remove the jersey if paired with a longline sports bra.

Be functional. A cycling trip can take up to one to two hours and essentials like a water bottle, money, mobile and key needs to be brought along. Carry them with a bag to keep it secure.

Or carry them with a cycling jersey as they often have deep pockets at the back, allowing you to keep them securely throughout the ride and take them out easily.

Sun Protection

Even after applying sunscreen, it is still essential to protect your skin (especially vulnerable areas) from direct sunlight exposure.

Another important area to protect is your arms and legs, which will be constantly exposed to the sun. Opt for long sleeve jerseys and full length cycling tights, which provides maximum coverage of your legs and arms against UV rays. When fully covered, a sweat-wicking feature is a must-have, to ensure ample ventilation and heat evaporation, preventing heat rashes and exhaustion.

    Padded Comfort

      Your body will thank you for having a little cushioning for the ride. Both cycling tights and bicycle shorts with built-in pads can absorb any pressure from bumpy roads, preventing sores and aches. Most importantly, they look similar to regular leggings or shorts and are essential for a comfortable ride.

      For extra convenience, you can also opt for padded underpants which can discreetly be worn under any bottoms. Any leggings or shorts will be compatible with the padded underpants, which works just as well as the built-in ones.

      Cycling Safely

        The number 1 priority is to ensure your safety while cycling, be it on the road or the pavement. Visibility in an urban environment or in low lighting conditions is also crucial. Make sure to incorporate reflective elements and integrated lights with your biking gear.

        Helmets are mandatory for road cyclists in certain countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. It is common knowledge that helmets protect your head from injuries, but if worn incorrectly, can still result in injuries.

        Similar to driving, it can be dangerous if your hands are occupied while cycling. A handphone bag which can be attached to your bike handle would be helpful, as you will be able to easily access your phone through the case when necessary.

        Stay safe and happy cycling.

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