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How to Dress Right for Work From Home

How to Dress Right for Work From Home

How To Dress Right For Work From Home

Work-From-Home (WFH) is the new norm and many people have been experiencing a slump of productivity. Most people transited into work from home by using their existing home wear, however, after a few days, they began to feel frumpy and discontented. Cotton t-shirts and shorts that have been perfect for the past are now starting to feel sweaty and sticky after a whole day at home.

How can you dress right and excel at work from home?

Select The Right Fabrics

Different fabrics create a different feeling on the body, which makes it so crucial to choose fabrics that are not only flattering, but comfortable on the skin all day.  Choosing breathable and sweat-wicking materials are more important than ever, especially when living in a hot and humid climate like our sunny island.

Dress Smart & Comfortably

Work from home challenges us to find the perfect balance between looking polished and laidback. While that fitted skirt and button up shirt may look good for a day at the office, we prefer comfortable yet sleek pieces that’ll keep you looking smart yet feeling cozy. It’s time to jazz up your homewear with smart yet casual tops that you look alert for those zoom meetings paired with chic shorts.

Be Versatile For Workouts, Work From Home & Leisure

As a busy working woman, versatility is always the key—and that includes in outfits as well. It is also important to incorporate exercises as part of the daily routine. Therefore, it is best to select athleisure that is pretty to be worn for work and leisure, while providing support for a wide range of exercises.

Clothes that can be used for workouts, casual and yet pretty enough for leisure outings

Add Colors For A Better Mood

It’s psychologically proven that colors can influence your mood, so what better way to uplift your work from home day than with some colorful outfits? Cheer yourself up with wearing your favorite colors daily. In addition, these colors, yellow, blue, white and purple are known to put people into a good mood.  

Is there anyone who doesn’t love wearing athleisure?

Now, it’s time to wear it for your work-from-home and leisure too.

GWM Is Designed For WFH, Leisure & Workouts

Gym Wear Movement’s apparel is designed for exercises, to homewear, to leisure and even for wearing at the offices. Now, you can be chic and comfortable all the time.

The unique sweat-wicking fabric keeps you cool during hot days, while the flattering cuts sculpts your body to look your best. The best part is that you can hop easily into any exercise without a change of clothes. As the sweat will be wicked swiftly, you will feel refreshed in no time.

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