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How to excel working from home?

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It can be tempting to fall back into the routine of pajamas-all-day as we re-enter the Work From Home routine. While it can be liberating to do so, changing out of pajamas can help you maintain a sense of normalcy, and boost your productivity as well. 

Clothes can influence our mood and here are a few tips to help you navigate your work from home arrangement.

Feel Confident

It is time to wear apparel that makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

Spice up the day with your favorite colors. Dressing up in your favourite colours can immensely boost your confidence! In general, hotter shades like red or yellow can get your adrenaline pumping for an activity, while cooler shades like blue or green, are more relaxing. Depending on your preference and working requirements, choose what works best for you.

Dress up with versatile pieces which are suitable for both working hours and workouts. Wearing activewear with buttery soft fabric can feel incredibly relaxing and put you in a serene mood to focus on the tasks at hand.

Get Comfortable

As we approach summer, the weather can get increasingly hot, and for those working at home missing the luxuries of air conditioning at the office, wearing comfortable and breathable clothes is key.

When choosing what to wear, the material should be sweat-wicking and ideally cooling to keep yourself cool during the day. Select trendy athleisure that looks formal enough for Zoom Meetings to be ready for ad-hoc online calls too.

    Invest In Self Care

      Lastly, it can be challenging to disengage from work when there is no physical clock off. Setting a routine after working hours are over is effective in helping you mentally disengage and rejuvenate for the next day. 

      If you have already chosen to wear activewear during the day, you can directly hop on to a yoga mat and start your workout, to end the day burning calories and allowing your body to release serotonin. If not, changing out of your WFH outfit can also be a great way to physically disengage and prepare yourself for a workout - it doesn’t need to be of high intensity, and can be something simple to get your heart pumping or even stretches to relax your body. 

      As with most things, figuring out your ideal work from home style and routine is all about balance and experimentation.

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