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How to protect your skin during swimming?

How to protect your skin during swimming?

Swimming is a great sport to relax and have fun. Contrary to popular belief that you will not get sunburned when in the water, due to its reflective nature, which causes damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays to be reflected onto your skin, you can and the water will magnify the damage. It is therefore important to be adequately prepared. Here is what you need to have a fun-filled day by the water.

Essential Sunscreen

A widely known essential, sunscreens are your best friends against UV rays. However, when not applied properly, it can be ineffective in protecting your skin. Sunscreen (even the waterproof ones) should be applied half an hour before going into the sun and every two hours (if possible).

However, no sunscreen is 100% effective at preventing skin damage, and you should take other measures to protect yourself against sunburns.

The Perfect Swimwear Choice

Protect most of your body by choosing the perfect swimwear for you. Picking the right material for your swimwear is also crucial. Quick-drying and abrasion-resistant fabrics with UPF ratings should be your first choice.

For water activities, rash guards are form fitting and stretchable for comfortable fit. Most importantly, they cover delicate areas such as your shoulders, which are easily susceptible to sunburns. They are also easily removable, and are an excellent choice for those who want to quickly change out of wet clothes

    Face Protection

      Don’t forget to protect your face from the glaring sun as well. A stylish hat will not only provide sun protection, but can be a chic accessory to style up your outfit.

      Visor Hats or Caps are perfect for more vigorous activities due to its strong and sturdy fit, which stays in place throughout the day. Easily adjustable to fit most head sizes, they are versatile and easy to match with any outfit.

      Bucket Hats are the perfect addition to your chic outfit for a day at the beach or by the pool. A stylish accessory and constantly in-trend hat, bucket hats are a summertime favourite.

      Protect Your Feet

        For water activities in the sea, it can be dangerous to expose your bare feet to elements within the ocean.

        Beware of rock in the open sea and protect your feet from potential cuts and sharp edges with water booties.

        Lastly, have a fun day out in the water looking glamorous in chic GymWearMovement water-friendly apparels! Click here to check out the latest swimwear collection.